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① Optimize Your Mind - Improve Your Life in 10 Steps - Ky Lives

This is a video series I designed to help people change their lives.

These 10 videos contain the insights and lessons I’ve learned since I started working on my documentary in April, 2016. I’ve interviewed over 30 people about their deepest challenges and how they’ve faced them, I’ve read over 40 books on a diverse range of subjects orbiting around my single, central question; how do you truly live? I’ve watched countless documentaries attempting to answer this question in one way or another. I’ve studied myself. I’ve studied others. I’ve studied my community. I’ve studied society. All of the conversations I have are about this one simple question. My friends and family are getting used to being bombarded with either questions, or information that I’m in the process of integrating. More and more people are joining me in this quest to uncover an answer to my question and in the process of searching I have healed myself a lot. I hope that the insights contained in these ten videos can kickstart your healing too.

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