My Music Background


I’ve always had friends in bands.

In 2012 I started trying to help out some friends by creating music videos with them. In the beginning it was just for fun. I had invested less than $1000 in equipment. I had a Canon 550D, 50mm lens, GoPro and a Tascam DR-50 microphone for audio. I was shooting simple videos for local artists so I didn’t need anything fancy but over time it grew and I ended up meeting and working with some of my favourite bands in the world.


Along the way I bought new equipment, everything from lighting to green screens and obviously more cameras and lenses. Then I had to learn how to operate all of this crazy technology to get the most bang for my buck, because I was still on a tight budget. I always treated music as a hobby. I funded it almost entirely from my day job. Artists would contribute to costs from time to time but I wasn’t concerned about money. If someone was going to give me a shot at trying something out I was there. I was always experimenting. The music industry offered me unlimited creative individuals to collaborate with.


By 2015 I reached my plateau. Helping other people bring their visions to life was not as fulfilling anymore and I had developed loads of my own ideas over the years that just weren’t compatible with any artists I could find in the music industry. I had already begun to branch out and work with a more diverse range of individuals from sports stars to building companies. It was 2015 when I really began to experiment with my own ideas. I left my identity in the music industry behind to work on myself and enrich my life. I still have loads to learn and I’m not sure what the future holds but I’m grateful for everything the music world taught me.


If you want to see more of my music related work, most of it was uploaded to a channel called Whisper Revolution.


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