Mental Health Journey Complete

You heard it here first folks!

The theme for this month has been letting go of old stories.

I’ve finished plugging the holes in my mental health and I feel like I can finally say I am 100% in control. There will still be challenges and suffering in my life but now I am able to deal with whatever life throws at me in a healthy way, with an incredible arsenal of tools and skills at my disposal. It may seem arrogant to claim to be free from mental illness, but the reality is, it is possible. Believing that it is possible is the first and most important step to experiencing it for yourself.

I know that this project is going to evolve. I’m being pulled towards something greater. I feel in my heart that this documentary is going to lead me to far more profound discoveries than I could have ever imagined. I want to create space for these new possibilities so this month I decided to put everything I learned from my mental health journey into one powerful video series, designed to help people change their lives quickly and effectively, and move on.



In the process of creating the video series, a new kind of content was created. Before I even finished creating space for new possibilities, we found ourselves filming a cooking demonstration to supplement step 5 (nutrition). Originally, I was only going to use the footage for quick cutaways, but as we filmed everything I decided we may as well produce full versions of the recipes.


Don’t worry, I am still going to be interviewing people. Connecting with people on a deep level is still my favorite part of this project. I think the kinds of people I interview will probably become much more diverse and the subjects we tackle will become much more profound and interesting. I want to explore other cultures and belief systems. We are looking at diving deeper into the Eastern traditions (perhaps visiting Japan) and also potentially exploring the realms of past lives and magick, among other things.


We intend to share more and more of our own little universe with you guys as well. Amy and I shot a video together on our three year anniversary going through our relationship time capsule. I feel like the relationship content will evolve into something really beautiful and valuable as well. Some people have already messaged me saying how much they love the idea of a relationship time capsule!


I will still be posting videos about my own insights and discoveries as well! They will just be about a broader range of subjects and less and less about mental health. The theme will remain the same; how to live life well. Earlier in the month I was grappling with ego and I’m still making new discoveries which I’ll share with you shortly. If you’d like to see the unpolished insights and discoveries as I have them, I still upload daily video journals to Ky Lives 2.



This month was really exciting. I spent a lot of time in uncertainty, having no idea where my next steps would take me. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I really like the new possibilities that are already beginning to show up and express themselves. Uncertainty is where the magic happens. Never be afraid of the unknown!



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