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The theme for this month has been interdependence.

To break it down, I knew of interdependence as a concept but I didn’t understand it very deeply on a practical level until this past month. We all understand and value independence but even our ideas about true independence can become distorted. If we believe that reaching a place in our lives where we don’t NEED anyone is our goal we create an atmosphere that is extremely hard to survive in. This is due to the fact that this mindset creates an extreme distortion of reality. “If all I’m concerned about is me, then that must be all anyone else is concerned about.” This puts you in a competitive, reactive mindset even when you encounter interdependent people who don’t want to take anything away from you. They know they don’t NEED anything but you assume they do, because you do; or at least you think you do. In truth, any human who is brought up in a healthy environment with the tools and mentors to develop themselves naturally passes through this stage quite early in life. In this case, the individual is looking at reality through an interdependent lens and perceives your lack and need as toxic and dangerous. It simply doesn’t make sense to them.



When you believe there is scarcity you behave very differently to when you believe there is abundance. You only think about situations based on what’s in it for you. You become consumed by thoughts relating to getting the most out of the situation. You become like a parasite, consuming whatever you can from any host you can attach yourself to. If you can focus instead on what you can give to the world, you provide whatever you can for any host you can attach yourself to and the relationship becomes symbiotic and everyone thrives. I have evidence that I have successfully changed my own mindset! This month we hosted a massive collaboration at our place between us, Jarrad Wright from The Big Lez Show, and Your Mate Tom and his partner Yesenia!



I hit Tom up on Instagram initially after following his project for a little while and he responded so I just threw it all out there. I said I would look after him and his partner, show them around the GC, take them down to Nimbin to shoot some content that would suit Tom’s channel and interview him for my own project. Notice how most of that was based on what I could provide. This created an immediate atmosphere of creativity and possibility and so much space to brainstorm. I can’t believe how much a simple interaction on social media snowballed into a creative avalanche just because everyone was focusing on what they could bring to the table. Here’s a link to a Q&A Tom shot with Jarrad. It’s hilarious and there is a full podcast as well if you’re interested.


The reason I wanted to interview Tom was because he talks about psychedelics in regards to healing and recovering from things like depression. He has interviewed some pretty profound people himself but I wanted to chat to him about his own experiences with psychedelics, particularly ayahuasca and iboga which are used in shamanic healing ceremonies around the world. He was the perfect person to talk to after revealing my own interest in psychedelics. He takes these substances very seriously due to some traumatic experiences he had while pushing the limits.


Then, in the spirit of brainstorming and possibility I spontaneously decided to interview Yesenia as well and it was possibly even more interesting than the discussion I had with Tom. It provided a yin to Tom’s yang. Her psychedelic experiences have been mostly positive even though she was present during Tom’s nightmare ayahuasca experience. She also had some insights to share about life and overcoming past traumas, and she has a thyroid condition which is something that I’m really glad we could bring some awareness to because it is not uncommon for people with thyroid conditions to be diagnosed with mental illnesses and prescribed incorrect medications. My favorite thing about her though, is the beautiful connection she has to her family and to mother nature. As a kid, she would thank the trees for giving her air!


Just the other day I had another cocreative experience. Cassie has been talking about starting her own project for a while now and she messages me all the time about all different things, but I’d never met her in person. I told her to come down and we’d start her project and we totally did it, the very next day. I recorded a discussion with her in which she outlined her vision completely spontaneously and the day after that she sent me her first video. The interview itself was packed with amazing insights as well! She struggled with mental illness and went through five years of therapy and getting nowhere and then all of a sudden it all evaporated and she was free!


This month has been massive for me in terms of my own personal development. The time I spent with Tom inspired me a lot. I have made a conscious decision to focus on quality over quantity this year. I feel like I’m ready to finally begin to create the content I’m here to create. You can expect a quantum leap. The coming month will be powerful, engaging and exciting. A big thankyou is in order to everyone who has been following my development process, providing me with feedback and encouragement, making it real. I know it doesn’t look like much now, but this little project is going to change the whole world some day!


At the end of last month I decided that I should start to take my video journals more seriously. I did this by starting a second channel where I was free to experiment in public. I became much more comfortable to shoot in almost any setting. Before long I developed a whole new style for when I’m out and about. Now that I’ve developed my confidence in speaking and greatly reduced my social anxiety and fear of filming in public spaces I am ready to focus on editing these videos with music, graphics, sounds, effects and all that good stuff to make them really pop!



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