How Much More YOU Could You Be?

Why hello there!

The theme for this month has been allowing people who don’t align with you to fall away.

I’ll elaborate. We all worry that people are going to disagree with our point of view, our ideas, our beliefs, our choices and everything else that makes us, us. But what if we decided that people rejecting us for who we are was a good thing? What if this just meant that there would be less people in your life who were judging you? What if we just turned our authenticity all the way up to 100% so that anybody who didn’t love us for who we truly were would close us out of their minds, and therefore their criticisms, forever! How much more YOU could you be?



The biggest step I have taken towards being more authentic was releasing my psychedelic content. The stigma around psychedelics is far more terrifying to me than the stigma around mental illnesses. Leading up to posting the content I was scared but after I released it, a profound thing happened. My truth was not what others expected. Turns out the image they had in their minds of me and my relationship with psychedelics was totally different. This was just more proof that you have to own your truth and tell your own story. I released a safe use and identification guide for magic mushrooms in Australia and I also recorded a video journal the day after I consumed magic mushrooms and had some of the most beautiful profound insights of my life (which my mother really appreciated).



I really love making little short films! So a more authentic me has got to do more of that! This month I spent almost a week on one short film, breaking only for meditation, video journals, reading, running and survival needs. It was my first attempt at a frame by frame animation over recorded footage. I love content like this because it allows me to communicate ideas more directly than simply speaking into a camera ever could.



Another way I am applying this new insight is by shooting more mind bending content. I am trying not to filter myself or hide any of my craziness anymore. The results have already proven that being more authentic is definitely the right choice. Here’s a video of me talking about mental time travel and the nature of memories!



We want to take ourselves less seriously and enjoy the creative process. What you’re really seeing here is me doing all the things I would have done as a kid. So I have to go through the stages of being a beginner at all these different things as a 26 year old man. It’s actually hilarious and super fun! When the idea developed that Amy and I should pretend to be each other in a video describing our experience of the True Grit obstacle course we ended up going all out! Why not? Anybody who isn’t comfortable seeing me wearing a dress and makeup is probably too close minded to follow me much further! This is what I’m talking about.



Social anxiety is something that I’ve struggled with a lot. Over the past year or so I’ve spoken about getting outside my comfort zone and talking to strangers and how much that has helped me change my perception of myself and the world. I want to create more space for authentic human connection in my community so we’re introducing Free Chats! We take a sign and go out into the community to see who might come and share a conversation with us. I posted a photo online and the initial response was massive in contrast to my usual posts. I had so much resistance to doing this even once but with the encouragement coming in, we have to make it a “thing” now.




This month I felt that my speaking abilities had developed enough that I should start to take my video journals more seriously. In fact this month I felt that all of my abilities had developed enough that I should start to take everything more seriously. I spent a lot of time designing a new logo, graphics, animations, outros and web pages. There is now a podcast page where you can download the latest interviews in audio form directly from this site, or via iTunes.



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