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The theme that emerged for this month was allowing oneself to be a beginner. October is also when the most action is happening in the mental health community so the creative juices were really flowing in all directions. I didn’t actually shoot a single in-person interview for the documentary this entire month but I was interviewed by a young lady named Domi for her own project and I began to toy with live stream discussions on both Facebook and Instagram which appear to be extremely promising new ways to connect with people all over the world. Emma and I attended the Brisbane Mental Health Expo and recorded some footage of the event including more reactions to the Lose Your Mind virtual reality experience, which simulates a psychotic episode.


Ky Lives True Grit


Aside from the specifically documentary related pursuits, I also worked with True Grit doing promotional work, putting up signs and driving around to gyms recruiting teams for the upcoming Gold Coast event. I recorded some footage of the experience and posted it in one of my video journals which True Grit ended up using for their own social media! In the spirit of allowing myself to be a beginner I also posted a spoken word video and later in the month I was compelled to give animation a red hot go. I documented my learning process as well!


So there has been a lot of personal growth this month and with it came a brilliant new idea to help fund this project. I decided to start printing my favorite photographs as puzzles and giving them away to our supporters on Patreon. Now that we have them made, a whole new world of ideas and possibilities has opened up to us and we’re extremely excited to create more amazing gifts that can promote mindfulness and gratitude, whilst also funding a project that helps people find meaning and purpose in life. Here’s the video I made when the idea came to me, like a bolt of lightning!


As I spent the month pushing the envelope and experimenting with different ideas I couldn’t help doing something I’ve always wanted to do. I created a mash up of some of the most profoundly powerful speeches that have had an impact on my life, mental health and personal development. It was a very time consuming task but this month I learned that a lot of the greatest ideas take a lot of time and effort; as well as the discipline to keep your mind focused on a goal even when it starts to generate excuses or convince you that it’s not worth it.


One of the biggest shifts that happened this month may seem insignificant to everyone else. I realized that YouTube was heavy to me. I was spending so much time and energy trying to bring users to that platform when Facebook provides much better engagement with everyone you want to connect with. With this realization came the decision to stop sharing my YouTube videos and use YouTube simply as an archive of the documentary making process, my video journals and other projects. So if you want to see EVERYTHING, you need to subscribe to the channel. All the best content will be published via the Facebook page from now on! Alternatively you can get your monthly updates here or via email if you sign up for email updates.

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