World Mental Health Week 2017

All I can do is continue to create

To awaken what’s within you today

And spread the wisdom, making people au fait

With the realities of our mistakes

Such as the disconnect within humanity

Where some like to blame Islam or Christianity

But I know the real source of our insanity

Is the endorsement of our vanity


In the past month my focus has been on identifying and removing limiting beliefs and expanding our horizons so naturally, it was an extremely interesting time leading up to Mental Health Month. We caught up with a group called Lose Your Mind who have designed a virtual reality psychosis experience to simulate a variety of mental illness symptoms. Their mission is to help build empathy and understanding within the communities that encounter and work with individuals suffering from severe mental illness the most. We recorded our own experience and reaction to the program that you could watch HERE but I also interviewed Leanne, the creator of the experience.

The next big leap was talking about psychedelics which is one of the most requested topics but extremely taboo due to the stigma created through the “war on drugs.” I want to talk about substances in a realistic way that reflects our true relationship with substances in society, not just an idealized version of how things should be. The discussion we recorded was certainly a step in that direction. I feel like it’s all the things we are too uncomfortable to discuss in public that are the most important. I was afraid that posting the video would effect my project negatively but it was actually the most engaging video we have released since “Growing Up Surrounded By Drug Abuse” so I’m glad we did it.

I was also lucky enough to interview Nicky, who gave us a massive amount of insight into Borderline Personality Disorder, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Binge Eating Disorder and a little bit about self harm. The interviews about specific disorders and treatments are getting way more in depth as my own knowledge improves and I feel more comfortable discussing different aspects of mental health. I think we are getting some extremely helpful discussions recorded and I only wish I could record more, faster!

My daily video journals are also getting a lot better as my speaking and confidence improves and I learn and understand more about psychological development and personal growth, so if you’d like to keep up with where I’m at you should subscribe to the channel and keep in touch!

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