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I started shooting for an online tattoo magazine called Ruthless TV this month but I am still dedicating plenty of time to my own project. I’ve been focusing on my own growth and personal development a lot and documenting the process more frequently. I’m aiming for daily video journals on a consistent basis. I’m still chasing people to record discussions with about the different challenges they have faced in life. I’ve also begun to follow up with some of the people I’ve already chatted to. We recently caught up with Russell who talked about clean eating, exercise and mindfulness, at the Killarney bonfire night and he made a little appearance along with his partner in my daily video blog. Another insanely great thing that is beginning to happen is that people are taking the 30 day vlog challenge that Amy started. Max, who I interviewed about dealing with ADHD, Asperger’s and Bullying has started his own YouTube channel, documenting his own insights and growth.


Mental Health Eating Disorder Ky Lives

Pictured above: Each person had 2-4 tattoo artists working on their back for a full eight hours in an unprecedented extreme back piece competition at the Triffid in Brisbane.


The most powerful discussion we recorded this month was with Tegan and Jade, discussing eating disorders. Jade turned out to be a great example of how to support someone with a mental illness. Tegan explained some of the common misconceptions about eating disorders and gave us a little bit of insight into the challenges she has faced. Jade also showed me some advanced breathing techniques after the interview which fascinated me. The breathing techniques are designed for freediving but we discussed the possibility of using them to treat anxiety.


As I’ve begun to document more and more of my insights and growth I’ve begun to realize how much I’m limiting myself, still being a textbook people pleaser, so there was a rant or two over the past month as I struggled to overcome my limiting beliefs but there were also some interesting points that came through that I never would have talked about in the old, more formal videos, that I was shooting in my home studio. The flexibility is making the content more authentic I feel.


I also sat down with Mum and Dad to record discussions on camera. That was a massive step for me. We may talk about deeper topics in the future but I think a little bit of valuable wisdom was captured in these introductory chats.


It was probably more interesting for me than for anyone else to try to see things from their perspective. My relationship with my parents has never been as good as it is right now, and I’m extremely happy about that.


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