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Truth Time Podcast with Max Voice

This podcast was really cool. It’s the first time I’ve been on the receiving end of the questions in an interview situation. I’m stoked to see people continuing to challenge and overcome life’s difficulties. For those who haven’t seen the original interview I shot with Max, he has Asperger’s and ADHD but he refuses to accept the limitations of these labels. It’s one of the most watched videos on my channel right now and you can absolutely understand why.


What else is going on?

I’ve been on the road a bit lately meeting new people and exploring new possibilities. The project is evolving more and more. I’m trying to go deeper with the exploration within myself as well as trying to connect with a more diverse range of people who can share experiences that might help others. I’m getting more comfortable with sharing more aspects of my journey and as a result I think the content I’m producing is becoming more valuable. How deep do I want to go? How vulnerable am I willing to make myself?



I now understand why I was so self destructive growing up. The drug abuse, the promiscuity, the lack of respect for myself and others, the hate, the fear, the loneliness. Our suffering doesn’t stay in the past. We carry it with us. The more you understand and process your experiences, the less they will impact your future. We could all do with a little help. You can always become a little more free. Whether your problems are mountains or molehills, I encourage all of you to explore new ways to heal yourselves. With your newfound freedom you will be able to contribute so much more to the world.



It seems like a lot of work to clean up your diet, exercise all the time and create a meditation habit but it’s totally worth it when you end up in a situation where you need to stay grounded in a sea of triggers. If you do spend a solid year or more working on yourself you won’t believe how much easier it is to navigate the world. I think everyone has holes in their personal development that need plugging from growing up. It seems trivial to go back and work through stuff but the benefits spill over into everything else as you become more free. You could just avoid everything in life that you don’t feel comfortable with but then you’re going to miss opportunities for further growth and you’re just going to become more and more isolated. It’s definitely worth working on your issues and reopening all of the doors so that you can experience life to the fullest.



When you make the decision to face and own your shit it doesn’t look heroic or exciting. Your life doesn’t magically transform into everything you’ve always thought you wanted. It’s quite the opposite. It’s starting over. Without the crutches of excuses, blame, substances etc. You begin again with nothing. No wonder people would rather spend their life running from the truth right?



This is one of the best examples I’ve seen of a young man tackling his mental health issues head on. Jake identified that he wasn’t coping properly and immediately began reaching out. He wasn’t afraid to admit he was struggling. Straight away, he reached out to friends and to me (we’ve been talking for a while), he’s joined our Facebook group, he went to the GP and got a referral to Headspace, and he’s taken up cycling. He’s extremely focused and aware of himself and what he wants to accomplish!



Nobody will tell you this, but leaving the comfort of your social group is one of the most powerful ways to grow yourself. The great unknown that calls to you so persistently is not calling to your friends. If you want to have profound experiences, you need to be brave enough to venture into the wilderness alone. You will meet other adventurers on similar quests and trade valuable insights and tools to help each other reach your ever changing goals. When you live your life this way the world expands with every step you take. Life becomes an adventure.



This is another one of those deep insights that I feel like everyone needs to understand if we are actually going to combat the overwhelming rate of suicide in the world. The way we see the world varies so much from person to person. A beautiful sunset might light you up inside, but to another it may be a reminder that even something as magical as this can’t heal them from their suffering. We get confused when the remedies for depression don’t work but the fact of the matter is depression isn’t an emotional problem. In most cases, it’s a perception problem. In some cases, a chemical problem that heavily influences and worsens the perception problem. The filter we see the world through takes a lot of hard emotional labour to work on and change.




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