What Influences Your Mind?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to solve the problem a lot of people face where they aren’t motivated to take action to improve their mental and physical health. Before you can even think about meditation, cleaning up your diet, exercise and all of that great stuff first you have to remove all of the negative influences that are overwhelming you and keeping you in a state of fear, hate, anger, frustration, boredom, guilt, etc. Before you can remove them, of course you need to identify them! So I dedicated a whole week to pointing out and discussing the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.


This is one of the simplest, easiest ways to improve every aspect of your life and it will almost run on autopilot once you get it set up properly. This is a great supplement to personal development. The idea is simple. Consciously tailor your social media experience to show you more positive content and less negative content. Block, unfollow, delete, whatever you have to do to limit your exposure to things that trigger you emotionally in a negative way.

If you fill your social media feeds with content that lights you up, motivates you and inspires you, then your state of mind will improve. You will begin to see the world very differently. You will likely begin to create an amazing life for yourself. As you transform the world around you, eventually you will be able to help others.



Now we’re exploring how judgement comes back to haunt us. Any negative beliefs you hold about a characteristic or identity will be turned against you if you ever assosciate yourself with that characteristic or identity, by your own mind! It doesn’t know any better. It just knows you think being fat is a negative thing so when you put on a bit of weight it reminds you of your preconceived beliefs about fat people.

Same problem with mental illness. If you’ve been brought up on horror films about psychopathic serial killers with mental disorders and what not, then you’ve probably adopted a few beliefs about mentally ill people. So what happens when you have a mental breakdown and the mental health diagnosis comes in and your mind, already not in the greatest state, begins to assosciate you with all of these toxic beliefs you’ve unconsciously absorbed from the media you consume…




And now for something completely different! I’m comparing building your mind to building a house. You have a house, you have a mind. You know how to live in your house, but do you understand how it works? If I asked you to pull it apart and put it back together, would you be able to? The answer, unless you’re a carpenter, is probably no.

You could try to build the house yourself. Read some books, watch some tutorials. However it would probably take you many attempts to build a functional house. You can’t mess around with your mind like that. Like I did. I was brought up in a family that didn’t take mental health seriously. I was never diagnosed, never treated. I tried to kill myself and the only reason I’m here is because I was pulled from the ledge at the last second.

I am so lucky to be here, to be healthy. I’ve watched so many of my friends die and suffer. Many of them are still suffering. There is a sense of guilt that comes with that. I often feel like I don’t deserve to be happy and healthy. I wonder if they feel like I’ve abandoned them, to save myself. I built my “house” myself somehow but I do not recommend it. This is the lifeline I throw back to you guys. Seize it, take the steps, get help, learn how to live with your mind. Nobody can help you if you don’t want to help yourself.


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