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Overcoming addiction and keeping yourself grounded became a bit of a theme this past week. I’m also starting to develop an even richer vision for this journey. I want to change lives in a very direct way. I want to do things like take a group of people with me to a retreat on the other side of the world and share a life changing experience where we will meet other amazing humans who will teach us their methods for making the world a better place. I want to take as many people on this journey with me as possible and this will all be documented as part of our big picture project! We will change the lives of our viewers as well as our participants. I’ve been considering using something like Patreon to help us fund more inspiring adventures. Right now, I am still funding this myself and we don’t have a large enough audience to monetize so a big focus right now is reaching out to more people who are passionate about the kind of work we do here.



As much as I encourage self-help and holistic methods of healing, Kerry makes some solid points in favour of the clinical/medicinal approach in this interview. Self diagnosis and self labeling is dangerous because it leads to things like self medicating, which I myself am guilty of in the past. You fall into traps, believing that what you are doing is working for you because it’s providing immediate, temporary relief but in the big picture you’re slowly making the problems worse. That’s why it is important to seek professional help.

Kerry has also been sober for a year. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been talking about overcoming addiction a lot lately and Kerry is one of the best advocates for sobriety I’ve found. He has a solid support network, he’s extremely motivated, he sees the value in it and he’s got an iron will. The way he approached the issue was really different. He didn’t isolate himself from the world to avoid situations where he would be tempted to drink. Instead he threw himself straight into challenging situations where he knew he would be tested to prove to himself that he could do it.

I’ve known Kerry for years and he’s always been a force to be reckoned with. After speaking to him about his mental health, on and off camera, I understand exactly why. The outside world must seem so trivial compared to the battles this dude has fought in his head.



I’ve struggled with addiction for a long time but I only became conscious of how bad my habits were getting in the last couple of years. Before that, I didn’t even consider my habits to be problems. I’ve always been surrounded by people who don’t consider their own habits to be problems so why would I? People don’t want to hear that their crutches are bad for them so when you first begin to fight addiction there will be a lot of resistance from the people around you. However, you will also begin to attract others who do want to change. If it feels like you don’t have people like that in your life, it could be because they are hiding their intentions from you as well because they’re afraid that you will be a source of resistance. Once you go public with your intentions, you will see that there are a lot more people who want to support you than you ever would have thought.



They say mental illness effects 1 in 4. Well this is for the 4 in 4. Neurosis effects us all. Our neurotic needs are probably the most important thing to understand about ourselves. The second you become aware of the problems caused by neurosis, you will begin to fix yourself.

You might believe that you need to get your physical appearance just right before you leave the house. When you fail and you have to leave the house the friction that is created causes a lot of suffering. You might believe that your partner should always text you what time they will be coming home. When they fail to do so the friction that is created in your relationship causes suffering. You might believe that you should not struggle with a mental illness. When you find yourself struggling to live a normal life with a very unique mind, the friction that is created in your whole life creates suffering.


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