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I quit my job last Friday. It may seem irresponsible to leave the security of full time employment but how secure is an $800 a week factory job, really? I wasn’t growing as a person, I wasn’t being trained or learning any life changing valuable skills that would help me secure bigger and better opportunities in the future. A year or two ago, the idea of leaving my job would have thrown me into a self destructive cycle of uncertainty-fueled anxiety attacks but not now. This mental health journey has taught me so much that I am now equipped with tools I never would have thought possible. I am now able to enter the world of freelance film and photography to finance my rather ambitious goal to create this mental health documentary I keep raving about. Without fear. All of my content is going to be improving at a much greater rate moving forward. So! Let me show you what I’ve been working on!


I’ve been obsessed with this new idea I had. I want to try to illustrate what goes on inside my mind. This little clip is my first attempt to do that. I kept it as simple as possible so that I could focus on conveying a clear message. I need to develop my visual effects skills a lot further if I really want to paint a picture of the madness within us all.

What I’ve actually tried to create is a visual representation of what happens inside our minds when we practice meditation and how that changes as our discipline improves. The visual effects I’ve used here, I’ve actually discussed with a few of the guests who have appeared on my channel already. The original plan was to use these “ghosts” I’ve created here as the voices of depression, axiety and other mental health issues. That way we could show the invisible elements of mental illness in the form of short films documenting each individuals experience of reality, as they experience it. I’m still extremely keen to do that as well.


Opening your mind to more possibilities means more chances to find the thing or things that are going to solve all of your problems. This is the first time I’ve spoken publicly about psychedelics and the world of clairvoyants and tarot cards.

My parents are extremely against the use of psychedelic drugs but I think having a handful of psychedelic experiences is far healthier than abusing alcohol and other substances. On top of that using psychedelics actually helped me to abandon all of the addictions I had myself. I’m tired of hiding this part of myself because people simply don’t get it.

On the subject of the psychic realm of healing, I’m really not the kind of guy to go and get my palms read or check in with my personal psychic once a month for guidance but I thought this was a relevant point to add to this discussion because I do see a lot of practical elements to this kind of healing and if that’s enough to get someone started down a path that is going to help them heal, I don’t really care if people think I’m a bit wacky.

Books you should read immediately include: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Brandon. Probably in that order. Look them up on eBay right now, they’re like twenty bucks or so. They will help you begin to understand what’s missing.

You need a meditation habit. Even if it’s five minutes at the start of your day to just wait for the initial chaos that begins when you get up in the morning to subside. Just sit and wait a moment. Let your mind get a head start before you start adding tasks to its to do list. That way it will run smoothly, and less like a laggy Windows 2000 PC.

Watch the “What The Health” documentary and you will be 100% sold on the idea that you need to at least eat less animal products and more plant based foods. Your body is not built for a diet consisting of so much meat and dairy. I understand diet is one of the hardest things to change because we reinforce our dietary habits every single day.
Trust me, I know the pain of it all. I also know it was worth it.


Anyone who feels like they aren’t worth it because they don’t meet the expectations of the people around them, this one’s for you. You don’t need to be working full time, studying or discovering the cure for cancer to be a valid member of society.

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