February/March Update

I’ve decided to start updating my website once every month or two and tie everything in together that has happened in that time so you guys can get a real sense of all of the things we’ve been up to at a glance if you can’t keep up with everything as it’s happening on social media.

We just shot a little update video about our absence from YouTube. We moved house and haven’t had internet for a little while and we’ve been busy working on some really cool stuff!


During the past month we got the chance to work with Viktoria Schwarz who is an Olympic athlete from Austria. You can find all the photos we took on Instagram. She was really inspiring and creative and we got some really awesome shots!


I interviewed the youngest person so far for our mental health project. Her name is Cat and she is 16, dealing with severe depression, anxiety and split personality disorder. She loves photography and wants to travel the world. Underneath her struggles she is pure brilliance.


Before we moved I posted some videos about sex and consent which led to me coauthoring an article on Littlest Lady. I was really anxious about speaking so openly on the topic but there hasn’t been any negative feedback yet.


I also shot a few of the regular videos just talking about life and stuff, thinking out loud. There was one I was really passionate about called “There Is Nothing Wrong With You” where I was talking about doing what you love and seeing where it leads you instead of trying to do all of these things that society expects you to do. It’s all meaningless if it doesn’t make YOU happy!


So that’s pretty much all the key things you would have missed in the past couple of months if you’re just checking in here every now and then. If you want to see even more behind the scenes you can follow me on Snapchat as well @kylives. Don’t hesitate to contact me in any way that suits you.

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